Stesalit Systems Limited

About Stesalit


Stesalit Systems Ltd has its core focus on the technology triad of Location Intelligence – IoT (Internet of Things) – Analytics to enable its clients know in real time all the important parameters about their assets spread across the geography, moving and stationery, and actuate them as and when required from the central command control. This empowerment helps our clients to maximize the value of their assets by improving the RoI of each of the assets in the framework we build for them.

The IoT framework we build connects all the assets, through a cutting edge low power hungry technology, that senses the data generated from the assets and integrates them in to the cloud. The analytical visualization we create is geospatially enabled for ease of decision making by the command control.

Our IoT framework and overall solution works as the core technology layer on which a Smart City is built, and spans across other core industry verticals like Agriculture, Transportation, Forestry, Utility, Oil and Gas and can include any network of geographically spread assets.

Stesalit means Spreading Light. Stesa means Rising or Spreading in Italian and Lit is Light. Stesalit is an ISO 9001 – 2000 certified and CMMi Level 3 company.

Few Milestones


Started work on Location Intelligence (LI) Engine and server based and mobile based application platform

Bagged First Order from Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation


Launched SXtreo – Rugged Global Navigation (GNSS) handheld devices (first version)

Gained entry in to Defence through Defence Terrain Research (DTRL) and Aeronautical Development (DRDO-ADE)


SXagro – Awarded as the Application of the Year for Agriculture in World Geo Forum Geneva 2014

SEI CMMi Level 3 achieved

Gained entry in to Oil and Gas sector through ONGC, Oil India & Gujarat Gas


Launched GAGAN enabled SXtreo. Signs up client like Odisha Forestry, Assam Forestry, Power Grid, Space Application Centres etc

Enters the Smart Mobility segment with Intelligent Transportation System for State of Chattisgarh

Prototyping completed for Industrial IoT devices and Industrial Handhelds.

Road Ahead


Launch of industrial handhelds and transaction terminals for Billing and Metering, Spot Billing, Rural Banking and Micro ATM, Ticketing and Payment Collections, Public Distribution, Logistics and Delivery, Property Tax Collections, Warehouse Management

Launch of handheld computers with Barcode scanners, Printers, RFID readers, Biometric scanners, Smart Card readers, Payment Gateway, PoS (Point of Sale) terminals for the industries like Power Utility, Oil and Gas Utility, Water Distribution, Construction, Mining, Defense, Roads and Transportation.