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Biodiversity and Forestry Management

Building Sustainability with Technology

Many government, state, and private forestry organizations and agencies today utilize geospatial technology such as GIS (geographic information systems) and satellite imagery for various applications supporting analysis, assessment, and management of our forest resources.

Many applications of forestry and natural resources require accurate land cover and change analysis. Changing conditions due to urban sprawl, rural encroachments, as well as increasing forest fragmentation, make land cover and change detection analysis an extremely important consideration for management, planning and inventory mapping.

This includes ecosystem and bio-diversity, forest productivity, planned forestation, forest health, conservation of soil, water resources, and nutrient cycling.

SxForesty, the mobile GIS solution from Stesalit for forestry facilitates the data collection and data maintenance for the forest assets from timber, encroachment, forest fire, poaching to ecosystems.

SxForestryapplication software provides unmatched data acquisition reliability under forest canopy when used with SXtreo GNSS receivers.

The Forest survey application from Stesalit is used in the following data acquisition scenarios:
  • Plot Approach
  • Plot Description Form and Coding Instructions
  • Plot Enumeration
  • Sample Tree
  • Bamboo Clump Analysis
  • Bamboo Enumeration and Analysis Form (Non-Clump Forming)
  • Bamboo Weight
  • NTFP (Herbs, Shrubs and Climbers) and Regeneration
  • Soil and Forest Floor Carbon
  • Collection of Forest Floor (Litter & Humus) Data
  • Collection of Soil Data
  • Dead wood and woody litter data