Stesalit Systems Limited

Enterprise Asset Management Platform

Making your Utility Assets Intelligent

Assets are the core driving force of the power and utilities industry. Electric transmission and distribution networks, oil and gas pipelines, electricity cables, substations—the list is endless.

Utilities, be it electric, natural gas, oil, water and wastewater;everyone is looking for ways to best utilize their assets and maximize their return on investment. The network infrastructure is aging, maintenance costs are going up. With smart grid in place, the operations are more complex than ever before.

The utilities want to improve efficiency and simplify maintenance. They need to know whether to repair, rehabilitate or replace.

With our deep domain expertise in utilities and utility asset management technology Stesalit implements cost-effective, practical utility asset management solutions. We provide services at each stage of the asset life cycle.

Stesalit helps the utility companies to optimize capital, manage operating costs, manage risks, and thus enhance customer service. Stesalit will enable you to implement strategic, integrated asset management.