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Making your Utility Assets Intelligent

An electric distribution, transmission, or Gas and Oil utility uses a network of physical facilities to provide electric power and energy to Discoms or customers connected to those facilities throughout a geographical area. Each component of the distribution system, the asset, has a physical location and associated data. So does each customer. In order to plan, construct, maintain, operate and manage the utility network it is necessary to create, manage and utilize this geospatial data.

A geographic information system (GIS) is an analytical and smart way to collect, organize, maintain and manage this geospatial data and display it on a geographic map.

A complete, detailed utility map or atlas creates the connectivity model and is a fundamental tool for planning and operating the network. The ability to easily create and maintain the utility asset map is the key for further monitoring, management, and real-time analytics.

Stesalit has created utility atlas for its clients. We can create for you utility maps for Electric, Pipeline, Water, Wastewater, Gas, and Telecommunication.