Stesalit Systems Limited

Geospatial Analytics

Building Sustainability with Technology

Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing technologies are increasingly being utilized in a variety of natural resource management endeavors, ranging from Agriculture, Forestry, Landscape Mapping and Watershed Ecology – to Geology, Archaeology, Mining, and Pollution Detection. GIS and Remote Sensing technologies can be applied to manage the earth’s resources efficiently while sustaining its biodiversity.

Scientific Strength – We are experts at addressing complex issues with sound scientific conclusions drawn from geospatial data. Our specialized knowledge goes well beyond GIS to include geology, agronomy, meteorology, hydrology, forestry, and other scientific disciplines.

Multidisciplinary Approach – We support the diverse, multidisciplinary needs of resource managers with an unmatched breadth of services and technologies. We are a one-stop-shop that can apply geospatial analytics to a wide range of management challenges and initiatives.

Exacting Quality – Our robust quality control measures extend from survey design and data collection through automated processing and data accuracy checks.

Technical Innovation – We constantly push the bounds of geospatial techniques including the newer ground cost effective and efficient trothing techniques.