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Precision Farming Analytics

Building Sustainability with Technology

Increasing food demands due to high rates of population growth and major changes in political, economic and social systems have created an urgent need to develop new and revise many existing agricultural systems and practices. India is characterized by a high population with a phenomenal growth rate. The restless onslaught of demographic pressures on India’s natural resources has however put a question mark on the stability and sustainability of Indian agriculture.

Now, more than ever, decision makers at all levels need an increasing amount of information to help them understand the possible outcomes of their decisions and develop plans and policies for meeting the increasing demand of food requirements without damaging the natural resources base. At the policy level, India is slowly but surely moving towards precision agriculture.

Only the cost has been high so far, before Stesalit arrived with SXagro.

Agriculture is essentially a spatial phenomenon which is not independent of location. GIS is the tool and technology that handles various spatial databases. This spatial information technology allows you to examine and analyze a wider range of agricultural related resources such as soil, weather, hydrology, various socio-economic variables simultaneously and accurately. Simultaneous examination of these variables in a GIS environment leads to a better understanding of how agricultural systems function and interact over space and time.

SXagro from Stesalit with embedded GIS interface can better organize and analyze spatial data, address the problems related to spatial and temporal variability of various natural resources on which the performance of agricultural systems depends. The system allows the management to gather, analyze, and display spatial data.

SXagro DSS modules

  • Agriculture Advisory module with data dissemination to farmers and agricultural govt. official
  • Crop Coverage module
  • Yield forecasting module
  • Agriculture Advisory module
  • Advisory Inputs from multiple sources to SXagro DSS
  • Meteorological data from external web service
  • Data related to pesticide used, fertilizer used and soil data collected using smart PDA
  • Local weather data collected through PDA
  • Status of Pest from field

Design and build spatial databases for agriculture and natural resources planning and management.
  • Design and implement customized decision support systems based on ArcView GIS.
  • Integrating remote sensing, image processing, GIS and GPS for land use system analysis and land evaluation.
  • Crop yield prediction and crop management strategies using crop modeling and simulation in combination with spatial information.
  • Electronic Pest surveillance and management systems.
  • Field level data collection and reporting using specially manufactured rugged handheld devices, SXtreo.
  • Crop coverage geospatial information for immediate advice and attention.
  • Application of watershed models in predicting runoff and sediments.
  • Agro-climatological data monitoring and analysis.
  • Technical advices for various software used in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource Management.