Stesalit Systems Limited

Safe City Management System


Technologies Enhancing Smart Cities

Stesalit is the first company in India to implement a state-wide single emergency number for the citizens to report any exigencies, through an award-winning integrated real-time emergency response management system.

This is a perfect example of Digital Inclusive Governance where 3 Crore citizens of the state get an instant access to the highest levels of governance by using new age internet based technologies and computer-telephony integration.

The single number call center number works 24 hours 7 days, receiving emergency calls from the citizens. The system ensures complete feedback loop whereby open cases without any action is auto escalated through a feedback algorithm to the next higher official through SMS or apps and the citizen is informed constantly on action being taken.

The System (e-Rahat) runs on a critical Location Intelligence based technology that tracks each call and incident through maps and integrates the action items to the local government support infrastructure such as Police Station, Hospital or Fire Service.

The real-time web-based system takes care of medical emergencies, fire, natural disasters, accidents, bomb blasts, thefts and burglaries, riots, kidnapping, sexual harassments and stalking, murders and robberies. eRahatsystem also takes care of all disasters like biodiversity losses, bird flu, chemical and industrial hazards, major climate changes, droughts, earthquakes, elephant attacks, forest fire, flood, lightening, mining accidents, terrorist attacks and landmine blasts.