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My Property Tax Management System from Stesalit


Technologies Enhancing Smart Cities

Municipalities at large are taking up eGovernance initiatives to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in their functioning while enhancing the quality of citizen services they offer. Property tax is the primary source of income to support its day-to-day functioning including providing all civic amenities to public.

It is important that the municipalities, cooperatives, and city managers can check on tax collection and track tax evaders, improve tax collections. Municipal utility services and cooperatives are using new business strategies to better manage and improve their tax collections, reduce delays, track evaders and manage grievances of the citizens. Geographic information system (GIS) technology offers city managers a method of quickly accessing and producing maps, leveraging database information, and automating work processes.

Stesalit has developed a complete range of Property Tax Management System using a spatial analytics platform for both Web and Desktop.

  • Tracking defaulters and delay in tax collections
  • Improving tax collections
  • Improved service delivery and management efficiency
  • Efficient updates of database
  • Data sharing that supports decision making
  • Easier and faster system for planning
  • Decreased redundancy
  • Visualization of data to create new information
  • Support for daily work flows throughout the geography
  • Encoding of property in the assessment register (issuance of PIN), including process of mutation
    in case of sale, transfer, natural succession or acquisition of intestate properties
  • Determination of annual letting value of properties. Review of revenue data
  • Develop necessary topologies, computational algorithms & unique numbering system between
    the various variables as captured.
  • Overview of Newly Assessed and Reassessed Properties
  • Overview of Property Tax Ranges over the entire town
  • Creation of a GIS-based spatial property database using high resolution satellite
    imagery georeferenced control points taken by GPS (DGPS) survey, and updated by ground
    trothing (validation). The property boundary layer is then migrated on top of this GIS base map
    to create homogenous GIS data layers.

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