Stesalit Systems Limited

Smart Fleet Tracking


Technologies Enhancing Smart Cities

Frequently the city managers and state departments have a large fleet of vehicles to manage the operations. They can be the ambulances, the water tankers, the solid waste disposal trucks, the compactors, the rollers, the cars, and other vehicles. Considerably large fleets are difficult to manage, and the managers often don’t know where a vehicle is right now, and where is it going, whether it is in the designated route or area.

Fleet management system from Stesalit provides the managers an exact view at real time the location of the vehicles, how long the vehicles are stationery, what is the fuel consumption, which routes they are taking, which area they are going, and reports any deviations from the rules laid down by the management.

The alerts are automatic, for the management to take immediate actions. In addition, one can get the history playbacks for each of the vehicles to identify erroneous behavior. The reports are analytic for the managers to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reduce the cost of operations.