Stesalit Systems Limited

Traffic Citation Management System

Instilling intelligence in transportation

India needs intelligent and smart solutions to the traffic issues it faces. Ruggedhandheld devices from Stesalit with the intelligent application software provide the ultimate experience in the eChallan system India is implementing.

SXtreo e-challan is an advanced system incorporating a highly rugged IP 68 smartphone as the handheld device the traffic police in the field would carry.The rugged built of SXtreo is designed to withstand the rain and the dust the people in the field have to withstand in their work.

The system connects with the Police server, fetches the data on the past cases, calculates the fine depending upon the past issues, and takes a digital signature of the offender. In addition, the device has the capability of capturing the geo-tagged photo of the offence, to be used later on. All the updated data is again sent back to the Police server.

The system also provides the analytics data on the collection on a daily basis. The offender is handed out a printout of the challan immediately after the data are captured.

  • Take GPS Location
  • Take Photos of the incidents
  • Geotagged Photos
  • Dual-SIM – Always connected by either of the two SIMs
  • Easy to use
  • Application connects to the Police Server
  • Retrieves past offences
  • Calculates fine
  • Offender signs electronically
  • Bluetooth printer generates printout