Solutions We Offer

Our robust cloud and mobile platforms allow us to provide you with unique, turnkey IoT services– including custom software application development – quickly and without compromise.

Device Friendly API & SDKs

Connect hardware to Stesalit’s IoT solution easily with manyuser-proven libraries, SDKs, and tutorials to guide your integration over HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, or by Parsing custom/industrial protocols.

Whether onboarding 1 or 1000 devices, it takes the same amount of effort with our Device Types. Replicate creating the new device automatically by configuring variables, device properties, and appearance each time a new piece of hardware is detected.

Data Plugins 3rd Party Data Input/Output

Parse data and ingest any 3rd party protocols or device clouds like Sigfox, Particle Cloud, mcCloud, NB-IoT, TTN, LoRaWan networks, BLE and more.

Extend the monitoring and data analytics of your applications with API integrations with any 3rd party application platform.

Live Dashboard

Using our point-and-click application development tools, we can create real-time dashboards to analyze data and control devices.

Visualize data with our stock graphs, charts, tables, indicators, maps, metrics, and control widgets.

Share your data through public links, or by embedding dashboards or widgets into private web and mobile applications.

Time-Series Data Backend and Storage

Whether your data is needed every day or every second, Stesalit’s time-series infrastructure is optimized to receive, compute, and return millions of data points each second across the globe.

And, with rolling data retention standard, our Cloud gives integrators and innovators a place to store and mine data for added insights and analytic overlays like anomaly detection or predictive maintenance.

Scheduled Reports

Deliver data clearly, concisely, and regularly with Ubidots Scheduled Reports. Send PDF or Excel reports and exports to those who need to know or schedule the report for delivery when the data sets are needed.

Events Engine

Add conditional and complex business logic to your hardware with triggered webhooks for M2M communication, and SMS, Email, Telegram, and Slack alerts to keep operators on-the-ball and informed.

AI Based Imagery

The unique and intuitive solution enables managers and decision makers to efficiently monitor their entire network via their browser and identify potential threats. All findings are always at fingertip, even during on-site inspections.

Monitor Ground Deformation and Vegetation Along Your Entire Network. Solution’s condition-based, digitalized vegetation management product, which is based on automated risk assessment via satellite, enables the effective maintenance of infrastructure networks.

User Management

With our cloud software, administrators self-build applications to best fit the operator’s needs.

Assign permissions and restrictions to any end-user or operator who interacts with dashboards, devices, and/or events.